Sunlight can power everything a modern family needs, from entertainment to transportation.

At PowerCo Solar our goal is making sure you have the most comfortable, energy efficient home and an amazing new source of power that will last for a very long time. With top quality products and a 25-year warranty we will help you reach the new standard of home energy efficiency!


In the graphic below, you can see how solar panels turn everyday sunlight into electricity for your home. Enjoy your lifestyle and the future with clean and renewable energy from PowerCo.



As the demand for renewable energy increases, so does the need to store that energy for outages or a rainy day. This technology is not offered by every solar company though the benefits to having a backup battery are great. PowerCo Solar specializes in multiple battery system solutions and will help you find the “sweet spot” in solar and battery design for best overall value.



We take time to know our cusomers and move them through their purchase as easy as possible. Our large variety of equipment makes it easy to find what’s perfect for you. Unlike other companies who have a “one size fits all” approach we make it custom and only sell you only what you need. This is what you can expect the process to be when you purchase a solar system:
Energy Efficiency Consultation
30-45 min

Most of our clients decide to move forward after they are explained the benefits completely and sufficiently.

Design / Permitting and Installation
2-3 weeks

Our expert in-house team will design and build a custom solar panel system to fit your home and household electricity needs.

Net Metering Installation
1-2 hours

Our team will contact the power company to change out your old power meter for a new Net Meter. Once it's installed and connected you will start banking power.

Follow Up Meeting and Monitoring
1-2 hours

We will show you how to use your online monitoring tools, maintenance techniques, and other tips and tricks to keep your panels producing high levels year-round.

Welcome to the PowerCo Family
Total Installation Time: 3-4 weeks

We will send monthly newsletters, touch base over the phone, and invite you to participate in some of our Powerco World philanthropic campaigns.


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