Determining Where to Place Panels

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When it comes to solar panels, installation is one of the first areas where customers have major questions. It takes some planning to install solar panels properly, including considerations for your garden, roof quality and the space your property provides – all compared with the desires you have for the output your solar panels provide.

At PowerCo Solar, we can help with all areas of solar power installation. Here are some basic tips we offer clients as they’re considering the best areas to place their panels.

Take Some Time

Solar panels are a significant investment, and one that can help power your home for years into the future. As such, you should take some real time to analyze things and determine the optimal place for your panels.

Instead of asking whether solar panels will fit wherever you want, we recommend taking the alternative approach: Asking what you can do to maximize your panels to get your desired results. Some people are looking to save major energy spending costs, while others are looking to reduce their environmental footprint – your needs might differ based on this.

Rooftop Angles

The most common placement area for solar panels is on the roof, where they’re left at angles that point toward the optimal sunlight. Roofs are also generally out of the way, meaning installing panels there won’t bother any other area of your property.

However, panels can also be installed in other areas. Factors here will include which way the roof faces, the angle or tilt of the roof, the strength of the roof, common weather in the area, and how much energy you need. In cases where roof-mounting is limited by space on the roof, ground-mounting is often the next alternative.


Another big consideration when it comes to placing your solar panels is shade. You may think you’ve avoided this, only to realize you didn’t consider the sun’s angle at certain hours of the day. Even just a small amount of shade covering the panels during periods where you thought they were drawing sunlight could result in you getting far less production out of the panels than you thought. Consider all shading elements, including trees and other obstructions.

For more on placing solar panels in the right places, or to learn about any of our solar energy solutions, speak to the pros at PowerCo Solar today.

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