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Welcome to PowerCo Solar, the best choice to assist you in powering your home with clean, renewable solar energy. 

Our proprietary brokerage model benefits our customers by making sure they see increased benefits and complete satisfaction, while we make sure they realize the most optimal cost savings. We combine robust financing options, multiple choices for Solar Power equipment & technology, and industry leading contractors. Our customers value our extensive experience in creating customized solutions that meet their needs. After years of experience and more than 1500 homes powered with the help of our solar brokerage services, we think the choice is clear! We've perfected an industry leading system, making ‘going green’ the easiest way for you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Click here to see if your home is a good candidate for going solar. 

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Solar is Simple

Millions of Americans have already made the switch to solar and renewable energy to power their home. Converting to solar is not only simpler than ever before, it makes even more economical sense than ever. You’ll be surprised to find out how much you can save and how easy it is to GO SOLAR.

Our Solar Energy Services​​​​​​​

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Solar Panel Financing

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South Jordan, UT

7.2 kW South Jordan, UT

Solar Panel Project​​​​​​​

This single array project was designed for a home with high electricity consumption, due largely to the size of the family and central air conditioning. The solar panel build is designed to maximize solar energy production on the most efficient roof sections, while maintaining the clean look of the back patio on the rear of the home.

This project greatly reduces the family’s carbon footprint and cost for electricity, while encouraging discussion around sustainable living and how to achieve it through best practice design and living.

The solar panel installation was easy and the solar energy produced by this project satisfied their energy demands with no impact on their home other than energy savings.

We’re Setting the Standard for Solar Energy Customer Service​​​​​​​

Amazing customer service. Had a system installed a few years ago by a fly-by-night company and recently discovered that PowerCo now managed my account. I had a longstanding issue with my system which they fixed promptly. Would recommend them without reservation.​​​​​​​

Vic H.

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Getting Started Guide

'Solar Basics'  ​​​​​​​

Solar Panel Guide

'How to pick the right panels for your project'

Solar Inverter Guide

'How to choose the right inverter for your solar system' 

Federal Tax Credit Guide

'Save up to 30% off your solar project' 

(Ends 12/31/19) 

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The Benefits of Solar Energy

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You’ll see huge savings as you watch your energy bill drop, from the very first day.

Save Money

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Increase Value

Research shows that installing solar panels can add some serious value to your home.

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That’s right, zero down! Our financing plans make it easy to get started today. 

Zero Down

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Worry Free

With a 25 year warranty, we’ve got you covered!



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